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RE: Free access to drafts


It's easy to agree that one have to attend meetings to become a voting
member of 802.3, and to maintain voting membership rights.

However, it is strongly unfair to require someone to be physically
present at the meetings, in order to read the drafts, or submit
comments. Does it make any sense that someone who lives tens thousands
miles away from USA be required to cross the whole planet just to
legally get a draft copy ?! 

Please, arrange a remote access to the drafts in progress - even under
payment of some fees to the IEEE organization. 

Thank you in advance,
Best Regards

:-) Ygdal

  Ygdal Naouri 		  System Architect
  X Light photonics 	  Tel: +972(03)7541186
  P.O.Box 7202,		  Fax: +972(03)7541252
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From: Angel Rodriguez [mailto:angelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 31 October 2000 22:05
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Subject: RE: Free access to drafts

I would like to add my support to open access to the drafts in progress.

I think it is extremely important for the ability of implementers to be
to review the proposals.  Not everyone can actively participate in the
standards process as has been well explained in previous emails.
the process, the standard and ultimately the marketplace would suffer if
access is limited.

Angel Rodriguez

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Subject: Free access to drafts

I also support free access to drafts.
An open standards process requires open access to drafts in progress.
Early and broad exposure to a variety of inputs strengthens the final
In past 802.3 standards efforts we have always welcomed input from folks
who did not have the opportunity to actively participate in meetings.

Colin Mick