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RE: Requests for password to the protected site.


The IEEE license for access to the IEEE 802 standards family has two
One is for only published standards and the other is for standards and
However, my understanding is that 802 generally only puts "mature" drafts
into that service - sponsor ballot and maybe working group ballot drafts.
This is because of concern that uninformed readers will not take into
the volitility of early drafts.

One possible resolution would be to put earlier drafts onto the IEEE 802
Standards + Drafts. I'm not sure how responsive the posting to that site is.
It would have to be pretty responsive (a few days) to get drafts up such
that readers can pull them down and submit comments in a timely fashion
for our review cycles.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 7:50 PM
To: Arthur Marris; stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Requests for password to the protected site.


I believe that the key here is "published IEEE standards." The draft would
not fit into that category.


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> From: Arthur Marris [mailto:arthurm@xxxxxxxxxx]
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> Subject: Re: Requests for password to the protected site.
>    My company has a corporate license that allows me to 
> access published IEEE standards through the IEEE Electronic
> library (IEL).
>    Does having this license allow me to access the draft
> 802.3ae standard?
> Thanks and regards,
>    Arthur.
> Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
> > I have recently received a significant number of requests for the
> > password to the protected site. I have checked each person 
> requesting
> > this information against the membership list of 802.3 and the 
> > attendees of 802.3ae. For those that were in these lists, I have 
> > forwarded the password.
> >
> > For those that were not, I have explained that the IEEE copyright
> > policy/terms limit distribution to those who are attending 
> the meetings.
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