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Re: Option to use 63 Fixed Stuff columns for payload

Dr. Gary Nelson wrote:

3. The use of those 63 columns be optionally available for payload
codewords.  New addition.
4. That the choice of this new option be encoded in a new C2 Signal
Label codepoint, value tbd. New addition.

No functional changes are involved  --  this is an optional addition. I
will write the text for the necessary addition
after I have obtained a copy of the document.

The 63 columns of fixed stuff are required to accommodate WIS mapping.
I think we all agree on that.  When you talk about payload codewords, I
interpret this to mean a proprietary end to end signalling mechanism
in the SPE. That is, your not putting payload _data_ into these fields.

In my view, if you choose to "optimize" the SPE by adding a proprietary
protocol into the 63 columns which shall be specified as stuff, that
implementation falls outside the requirements for the standard since
there could potentially be a large number of codewords to which ALL
equipment would then have to respond.

In other words:  You can do what you want with the fixed stuff to
optimize the architecture of your design. You can not expect every one
else to be compliant with this implementation.

For the purpose of 802.3ae, KIS

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