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D1.1 Clause 49 State Machine comments, part 2.

Hi Pat,

One more question:

Figure 49-11 --Transmit state machine:

Could you please explain a little bit about
  when (T_TYPE(tx_raw)=T, why do you need to see if (T_TYPE_NEXT=(E+D+T))?
If you need to do this stuff to T, then I think you should do the same stuff to
S, that means:
  when(T_TYPE(tx_raw)=S,  you need to see if (T_TYPE_NEXT=(E+S+T)), right?

The similar question apply to Figure 49-12--Receive state machine.

By the way, Figure 49-5 --64b/66b Block Formats:
The Input Data side, I think it's better to use "Z0,...Z7", not "C0,...C7", just
like what in your
 July's presentation, because C0 in Input Data side and C0 in Block Payload side
are different,
but "D0,...D7" are same.


--Alex Deng