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RE: D1.1 Clause 49 State Machine comments, part 2.


I'm not sure if an XGMII can be treated as absolutely error free. It is
operating at a challenging rate. I'll leave it up to discussion in Tampa
on whether we simplify any of this out of the transmit state machine.


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Hi Pat,

Now I understand that you are trying to achieve 4-bit hamming distance.
Although it will discard a valid packet ending with a no error T followed by
a 2-bit error that makes a C or S to D, it makes sense on Receive side.

I still can't understand why do you need this stuff on transmit side:
Because tx_raw is coming from XGMII side, either from local MAC or another
64b/66b receive R PCS, it will not have this kind of 2-bit error make D to
T to D etc. I think there is no need to have this stuff on transmit side.