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RE: Link Status thoughts


I believe that no one is proposing (1) at this time. It was in Shimon's
earlier proposal but has been replaced. I have mentioned (2) as a 
possibility but I prefer (3).


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Subject: RE: Link Status thoughts


In X-PCS/XGXS, I have seen the following fault indicator candidates:
(please correnct me If I am listing wrong names)

(1) send N fault indicators and N /A/K/R/ Idles alternately (Shimon, Rich)
(2) replace /A/ with the fault indicator (Pat)
(3) put the fault indicator in after each /A/ (Pat, Shimon)
(4) send a fault indicator once every N /A/K/R/ Idles (Rich, Osamu)

You can find Rich's 10GFC proposal in

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At 18:26 00/11/02 -0700, pat_thaler@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have not been following Fibre Channel so I don't know the details of
> proposal that was made there. There appear to me to be two choices to
> a fault indication with random /A/ spacing. Either replace the /A/ with
> fault indication or put the fault indication in after the /A/. I slightly
> prefer the latter because then the sync process only has to align on /A/
> and it can align in the presence of the fault indication.

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