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RE: SNMP MIB for 10 Gb/s Ethernet


Just to clarify the IETF process - you may at any time submit an SNMP MIB
document as an individual submission Internet-Draft. If it is related to
Ethernet technology I would offer the Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG
list for discussions in the IETF community. If you want to make out of such
a proposal an official work item, with the intention of having at the end of
the process the MIB enter the IETF standards track, we need to test the
Working Group interest, and if the result is positive submit a new charter
proposal to our Area Directors. Bert Wijnen is right now the AD coaching our
Working Group, and he will would pass the revised charter for approval in
the IESG.

I fully agree with the need to establish a better communication between the
two groups. I am looking forward for the meeting in Tampa.



> -----Original Message-----
> From:	David Law [SMTP:David_Law@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	Fri November 03 2000 15:36
> To:	Dan Romascanu
> Cc:	'stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx'; Bert Wijnen
> Subject:	Re: SNMP MIB for 10 Gb/s Ethernet
> Hi Dan,
> I guess I am to blame for this one. In outline, what I was saying, was
> that I
> did not believe that the IEEE 802.3ae 10Gb/s Ethernet Task Force should
> try to
> write an entire SNMP MIB as was done recently in the case of IEEE Std
> 802.3ad-2000 Link Aggregation. The reason I believe this is that I think
> that
> the management required for 10Gb/s Ethernet is an extension to the
> existing
> management, not, as was the case in Link Aggregation, an entirely new set
> of
> management. I therefore believed that we should do what we have done in
> the past
> (for example in the case of IEEE std 802.3z-1998 1Gb/s Ethernet) whereby
> 802.3
> only extended the management behaviors provided in Clause 30 and the
> associated
> SNMP MIB specifications are extended through the usual IETF processes.
> That is
> what I was referring to when I said 'produced by the IETF as usual'.
> As far as the IETF process is concerned I understood the following
> (apologies if
> I am wrong). A SNMP MIB proposal would have to be written. This would be
> an
> extension to your existing MIB, with the extensions tracking the 10Gb/s
> additions. This would then be submitted to you as the Working Group chair
> with a
> request to consider to adopt it. It is then up to you as the Working Group
> chair
> to consider if you want to discuss it. If you do decide to discuss it, it
> will
> then be discussed at the following IETF meeting.
> Now clearly I did not intend that a MIB would be submitted to you 'cold'
> without
> discussing it with you or your group and I intended to contact you. I
> however
> wanted (possibly incorrectly) to make sure that we had an idea of what was
> being
> proposed as far as 10Gb/s was concerned, particularly in the area of the
> PHY, and that we had an outline idea of these management additions before
> we
> contacted you. Clearly now is an excellent time and I certainly agree that
> it
> would be a good idea to establish some communication between the two
> groups. The
> fact that you are attending next weeks Plenary meeting is a great
> opportunity
> and I look forward to discussing this with you further.
> Regards,
>   David Law
> PS: You may also wish to review the presentation 'MIB Extensions for WIS
> Fault
> Isolation' (URL:
> for more details of the WAN PHY related proposals.
> Dan Romascanu <dromasca@xxxxxxxxx> on 02/11/2000 12:00:48
> Sent by:  Dan Romascanu <dromasca@xxxxxxxxx>
> To:   "'stds-802-3-hssg'" <stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx>
> cc:    (David Law/GB/3Com)
> Subject:  SNMP MIB for 10 Gb/s Ethernet
> I am trying to do my reading preparation for the Plenary meeting next
> week.
> Browsing through the (not-attended) last meetings materials I fell upon
> the
> presentation made in July by David Law, Edward Turner and Howard Frazier
> concerning 'IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gb/s Ethernet Management MIB baseline
> Proposal'.
> In this presentation I see that it is proposed that 802.3ae does not
> include
> an SNMP MIB in its deliverables. It also makes twice mention of 'SNMP MIBs
> produced by IETF as usual'. As I am chairing the IETF Ethernet Interfaces
> and Hub MIB Working Group, I would like to know whether this was approved
> as
> the 802.3ae policy on MIB issues. If true it would probably be useful to
> establish some communication between the two groups. I will be next week
> in
> Tampa, and we can have some discussions about this.
> Dan
> Dan Romascanu,
> IETF Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG Chair,
> Director, Multiservice Networking Architecture,
> EIS-CTO Group,
> Avaya Communication,
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