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Re: Link Status thoughts


It sounds like we're all getting very close to a compromise solution.

I agree with your point of not performing Link Initialization or Link
Status Reporting during normal data transfer. This point is almost
implied in the fact that Link Initialization only occurs upon power-on,
reset or link error. Similarly, most Link Status conditions will cause
Link Status to be reset and MAC packet transmission to cease until the
condition is cleared.

It seems like we're converging on the following:

1) Local Fault and Remote Fault conditions;
2) Local Fault and Remote Fault messages;
3) Fault message Signaling by Signal or Sequence or something in between
which is EMI-friendly;
4) No singaling during data transfer/packet;
5) No need for Break Link as part of power-on reset or link
6) Weak requirement for a management initiated Break Link, which could
fire off a Remote Fault message. 

Did I miss anything?

Best Regards,

Shimon Muller wrote:
> I have been trying to follow this discussion very closely, and at this point
> I have to admit that I am getting pretty confused. Pat is right, when the
> e-mails get this long and this frequent, it is time for a face-to-face meeting.
> I will be arriving around 7:00pm on Sunday as well, and am pretty much free
> until Tuesday morning, except for Geoff's show on Monday. If someone wants to
> set a time and place for a get-together, I would be happy to participate.
> Between now and Monday I would like you to think about the following:
> I find myself agreeing with many points made by both Pat and Rich. Personally,
> I am open to any suggestion that will make my proposal simpler and more robust.
> Even to the extent that the final solution doesn't look close to what I have
> proposed. However, the one thing that I will have trouble accepting is allowing
> this signalling, whatever it is, during normal data transfer. I truly believe
> that this would be a recipe for disaster.
> If we can reach an agreement on this point, the rest is details, and I would
> be happy to work on them.
>                                                         Shimon.
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