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In a message dated 11/10/00 3:00:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Ted.Speers@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> Seeking clarification on this.  In New Orleans, people were very clear that
>  SUPI was a PMA and not an external interface.  Electricals were deemed
>  irrelevant.  The expected external interface to the SUPI PMA would be XSBI.
>  The implementation would then be:
>  MAC |<----XGMIII---->|  XGXS  |<-----XAUI------>|  PCS-WIS 
>  SUPI-PMD|<----fiber

The XSBI was always set as the interface for the serial PMA. There was
never any interface from a 16-wide bus to a 4-wide SUPI or
any other connection other than a single 10Gb/s serial line. Hope this helps.

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