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Just to make sure that the story is clear.  XSBI, which is specified in the
Serial PMA clause (51), is an optional instantiation of the PMA service
interface.  The same PMA service interface is used in the WAN WDM PMA clause
(53); therefore, XSBI could be used as an optional instantiation.  What was
previously known as SUPI is really an architecture for mapping the PMA
service interface primitives into WDM PMD service interface primitives.
There is no interface known as SUPI.  

What was offered up at the Tampa meeting was to use a slightly modified
8b/10b PCS+PMA (similar to that used in the XGXS to create XAUI) to map from
the PMA service interface to the WDM PMD service interface.  The intent was
to 8b/10b encode the WIS output (running at 9.95 Gb/s) to achieve a per lane
data rate that is closer to LAN data rate per lane of 3.125 Gb/s instead of
~2.5 Gb/s used in the WAN implementation.  If I remember correctly, the
motion to affirm the creation of an ad hoc to generate this information


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> Seeking clarification on this.  In New Orleans, people were very clear
>  SUPI was a PMA and not an external interface.  Electricals were deemed
>  irrelevant.  The expected external interface to the SUPI PMA would be
>  The implementation would then be:
>  MAC |<----XGMIII---->|  XGXS  |<-----XAUI------>|  PCS-WIS 
>  SUPI-PMD|<----fiber

The XSBI was always set as the interface for the serial PMA. There was
never any interface from a 16-wide bus to a 4-wide SUPI or
any other connection other than a single 10Gb/s serial line. Hope this

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