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RE: XGMII New electrical Characteristics


	You are right.  The vote was taken for source centered and
approved.  My answer was not "official" 802.3ae response, but was for a
fellow implimentor.  I saw too many people not agreeing, and some of
those will cast technical_required_change NO votes in the future.  And
as for the past voltage level example of XGMII, it may change again if
too many people disagree.  I should have explained this in my prior e-mail.  

	From my point of view, I would prefer source centered, because 
it allows back-to-back XGMII.  But as long as we are in early adopter 
market, we will have to endure these uncertainties 



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I thought the XGMII clocking issue was settled by motion to revert back
to Source Centered timing as described in P802.3ae draft 1.0. I
understand that there still may be debate, but if settled by motion, it
would take 75% to change what will be written into D2.0. I don't have
the actual motion, so could someone (Jeff Warren?) please settle this

Best Regards,

Yongbum Kim wrote:
> The group formally voted for HSTL 1.5V for XGMII Class 1 and suitably
> compatible low-voltage (but not *decided* as HSTL class 1) MDIO.  The
> Source Simultaneous versus Source Centered timing is still under debate,
> but it is still written as source centered timing.
> Yong.
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> Subject:        XGMII New Electrical Characteristics
> Hello There,
> Can someone update me in regards to XGMII electrical
> characteristics? Did it went back to SSTL_2 levels or
> HSTL 1.5v or anything else?
> Thanks,
> James
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