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Question on Fiber for 10Gig


I am looking at a white paper on 10Gigabit Ethernet which is
published on the 10GEA website.  Within this document it lists
the plans for Multimode and Singlemode support of 10Gig.

According to this document, 50 micron Multimode Fiber will only
be specified to run up to 65 meters using an 850nm PMD.  Whereas
a 62.5 micron Multimode Fiber will support 10Gig up to 300 meters
using a 1310nm PMD.

Does anyone know why this decision was made as such ?  More
specifically, my understanding was that a 50micron fiber was of
better quality compared with a 62.5 micron.  Why not include a 50
micron standard for a 1310nm PMD ?

any comments appreciated.


Chris Kozup


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