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RE: Another clause 49 issue


I agree with you and had noticed that myself. I felt it was
clearly enough a mistake in the walker slide that I had editorial
license to fix it. 

To explain this more fully to others on the reflector:
Whenever there is an ODDD, the three Ds take 24 bits and leave 
4 bits for indicating whether the O is the XGMII 0x5c or 0x9c. 

If the pattern is ODDDSDDD, there are an additional 4 bits not
used by the Ds. In walker_1_0700, those bits are labeled y,
but they aren't really associated with an ODDD pattern so 
the "send as 0, ignore on receipt" rule should apply.

This is what I plan to do as editor on this unless there is
a significant problem with doing so.


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This has to do with a motion passed during the breakout
session. We agreed to check that the x & y ordered set
IDs have the value "0000" for all the patterns on page
19 of:

We agreed to not check the undefined bits for the ZS and
T0 thru T6 patterns on page 5. This comment is in regards
to the y ordered set ID for the OS pattern on page 19. I
content that this Y ordered set ID is actually mis-labeled
and is, in fact, the result of merely some extra spaces
due to the existence of the S code rather than an
ordered set ID. These bits match up directly with the
extra bits in the ZS pattern on page 5. I'd like to
recommend that we not be required to verify these bits
for the OS pattern.

I doubt you can do anything about this for D2.0 due to the
wording of the motion that was approved in the breakout,
affirmed later in the task force then re-affirmed Thursday
in the working group. However, I just wanted to make others
aware of this and will likely make a comment about this in
the task force ballot in December.


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