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Link status inconsistancies


I'm trying to add link status siganlling to clause 49 and, looking at
taborek_2_1100 and walker_1_0700, there seem to be some inconsistancies both
withing toborek_2_1100 and between that and walker_1_0700 page 19 both of
which we adopted by motions. 

Walker says that XGMII 0x9c,1 is to be used for 10 Gig Ethernet Link
Signalling. 0x5c, 1 is for Fibre Channel ordered sets. 0x5c,1 is K28.2 in
XAUI coding while 0x9c is K28.4.

When I look at taborek_2_1100, page 13 says that the status signalling uses
the "signal ordered set". However page 14 says that it uses K28.2 and says
that is the same as the FC sequence.

When I look at your presentation to Fibre Channel, T11/00-488v0, it says
(page 26) that K28.2 is for primative signals and K28.4 is for primative

I think that the fault signalling should use the FC sequence rather than the
FC signal set because the
FC signal set may include signals that one wouldn't want to delay to the
next A. The FC sequences are also used to signal various link states and
therefore share reaction time and duration needs with our Link status.

Which is it suppose to be?