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Adding fault signalling to cls 49


I've run into another issue in adding fault signaling to clause 49. 

Clearly an ODDD should be encoded as in walker_1_0700.

Also, an O followed by 3 characters that are a mix of data and control
cannot be encoded. Therefore, it is clear that something like ODCD or OCDD
is an error and should be replaced by /E/s.

But what should be specified when a 0x5c or 0x9c occurs in a group of
control characters? Currently, we do not have 7-bit encodings assigned for
0x5c and 0x9c. There are 2 alternatives:

1) It will be considered an error. This is consistant with the behavior for
S (0xfb) and T (0xfd). We will not need 7-bit encodings for 0x5c and 0x9c.

2) It is allowed and the received control characters will be
encoded/decoded. This would require definition of codes 7-bit encodings for
0x5c and 0x9c.

My preference is 1 because it is consistant with the way we currently use
the code. That is what I plan to put into D2.0 unless I get inputs from the
reflector to the contrary in which case, like Katherine Harris, I'll weigh
the arguments presented.