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RE: RMON and 802.3 harmonization

I have replied to Sanjeev offline. We seem to have people asking the same
kinds of questions over and over despite earlier responses from Geoff,
Shimon and myself that pointed out where these things are defined in 802.3.
People should spend some time reading the standard before posting questions
about how it works.


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If I understand it correctly aRunts is in 802.3 and being left out 
in 802.3ae because 10GE does not support half-duplex and there
is an assumption there is no repeater because there is no shared media.

If that is the case then there should not be any reference to half-duplex,
collision, deference etc. in the 802.3ae specs and that means change of
Pascal Code, change of MAC specs. Is it going to happen? Is there any
consistency will be maintained from 10Mbps to 10Gbps?

Or is that things are picked and thrown out at convenience.