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RE: Comments on P802.3ae/D1.1


Thanks for all the good comments. I'm incorporating your editorial comments
but here are responses to the others.

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From: Ben Brown [mailto:bbrown@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 8:18 PM

49.2.10, page 182, line 4:
  Replace "To XGMII data" with "Two XGMII data"
  In this same paragraph, the Receive process is being described
    so there is no reason to discuss deleting idles. My suggestion
    is to remove the second sentence of this paragraph.

Response: When attached to a WIS, the receive never deletes idles. When not
attached to a WIS, then the clock difference across the PCS can be in either
direction and the PCS may need to add or delete idles. The sentence is
correct and was included to point out this subtle difference between WAN and
LAN phys.

Figure 49-9, page 185:
  Need a "clock edge" to move this state machine along from
    state TEST_SH. This could be something as simple as a
    part of the definition of sh_valid or something as
    elaborate as "GEARBOX_UNITDATA.indicate" (or GUDI).

Will add it as part of the definition of sh_valid.