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Re: More comments (clauses 49 & 46)


I don't agree. I believe that the MAC must trash the packet regardless
of good CRC because the MAC has no clue as to whether or not an 8b/10b
or 64b/66b or combination or multiples of the above are present. I
maintain that in all cases, it's NOT OK for the RS to treat it as a good
packet in order to keep the undetected packet error rate down. Note that
we're splitting hairs here since for 8b/10b in most cases, both 8b/10b
and the MAC's CRC check will call the packet bad. 

Best Regards,

Louis Lin wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> In your case of
> lane 0: DD
> lane 1: DT
> lane 2: DI
> lane 3: DE
> or all the case of /E/ been seen in the same column as /T/ but after /T/.
> If it's from 64/66B PCS, I don't think we need to declare it as a
> bad packet. If it's from 8B/10B PCS and the /E/ is a result of the
> data. I think the FCS checker in the MAC will trash the packet.
> In either case, it's ok for RS to treat it as a good packet.
> Regards,
> Louis
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