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I/F locations

	I realize this is an implementation question, but is there a likely
demarcation point between the transceiver module and the MAC.  It's hard to
sort out a lot of these discussions (LSS, XAUI/SUPI, etc.) without have this
in proper context.

	Possible points of demarcation would seem to be either the XAUI or
the XSBI interfaces.  I've seen presentations suggesting both.

	It seems that a break at the XSBI would offer the most in terms of
end-user flexibility and economies of scale for both the users and the
vendors ... with one exception, 10GBASE-X4 would be left out in the cold
because, as far as I can tell, there is no way to implement the standard
across an XSBI. 

	Ted Speers
	Strategic Marketing