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Re: Draft 2.0 (figure 48-6)


Yes, Rhett and I were in a bit of a rush getting Clause 48 out in time
for Draft 2.0 during Thanksgiving that we missed a couple of things. See
my responses below.

Brian Cruikshank wrote:
> Rich,
> I started looking at the Draft 2.0 today and I am having
> problems following the State Diagram.  I am not sure if
> I am missing something or there is a problem with it.
> The SEND_K state goes to (A) which goes to SEND_RANDOM_K.
> I would think that SEND_K should go to SEND_RANDOM_R.

Yes. Don Alderrou of nSerial also pointed out this error. If you would,
please submit a TF comment on this. This response is being sent to the
reflector to keep down the number of duplicate comments. 

> Also, code_sel=1 should go to SEND_RANDOM_R and code_sel=0
> go to SEND_RANDOM_K.  Or I think be consistent.  The paths
> out of SEND_RANDOM_K do not seem to follow this pattern.

Ditto. Don caught this one as well. Please submit a comment.

> If these are problems, should I state them in the reflector
> or just include them with the vote?
> /Brian Cruikshank


Best Regards,
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