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Re: Draft 2.0 (figure 48-6)


I have another question on the same figure.  It is on the 
conditions for going from SEND_DATA to SEND_A or SEND_K.  

If the path to SEND_A requires (code_sel=1*A_CNT_0=1) this
path may be very rare.  The proposed PRBS counter (I believe) 
increments every clock cycle whether it is data or idle.  If 
the IPG is consistently low, there may not be many /A characters 

Maybe it would be better to leave the A_CNT_0=X out of 
these conditions.  Another alternative is to make the PRBS counter
only count during idles; that would make /A characters appear
every 12 packets on average (24 average divided by 2 possible min 
IPG locations).  

I believe there was some discussion this already, but I cannot
remember if it was resolved.

/Brian Cruikshank

Rich Taborek wrote:
> Brian,
> Yes, Rhett and I were in a bit of a rush getting Clause 48 out in time
> for Draft 2.0 during Thanksgiving that we missed a couple of things. See
> my responses below.
> Brian Cruikshank wrote:
> >
> > Rich,
> >
> > I started looking at the Draft 2.0 today and I am having
> > problems following the State Diagram.  I am not sure if
> > I am missing something or there is a problem with it.
> >
> > The SEND_K state goes to (A) which goes to SEND_RANDOM_K.
> > I would think that SEND_K should go to SEND_RANDOM_R.
> Yes. Don Alderrou of nSerial also pointed out this error. If you would,
> please submit a TF comment on this. This response is being sent to the
> reflector to keep down the number of duplicate comments.
> > Also, code_sel=1 should go to SEND_RANDOM_R and code_sel=0
> > go to SEND_RANDOM_K.  Or I think be consistent.  The paths
> > out of SEND_RANDOM_K do not seem to follow this pattern.
> Ditto. Don caught this one as well. Please submit a comment.
> > If these are problems, should I state them in the reflector
> > or just include them with the vote?
> >
> > /Brian Cruikshank
> --
> Best Regards,
> Rich
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