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Re: Draft 2.0 (figure 48-6)


A_CNT_0 is not the counter, it is a variable set to 1 when the counter
gets down to zero. However, I see your point. This variable should not
be reset until ||A|| is sent, thereby guaranteeing sufficient ||A||s in
the PCS stream. Look's like another comment. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Brian Cruikshank wrote:
> Rich,
> I have another question on the same figure.  It is on the
> conditions for going from SEND_DATA to SEND_A or SEND_K.
> If the path to SEND_A requires (code_sel=1*A_CNT_0=1) this
> path may be very rare.  The proposed PRBS counter (I believe)
> increments every clock cycle whether it is data or idle.  If
> the IPG is consistently low, there may not be many /A characters
> sent.
> Maybe it would be better to leave the A_CNT_0=X out of
> these conditions.  Another alternative is to make the PRBS counter
> only count during idles; that would make /A characters appear
> every 12 packets on average (24 average divided by 2 possible min
> IPG locations).
> I believe there was some discussion this already, but I cannot
> remember if it was resolved.
> /Brian Cruikshank
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