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ballot and comment process...

The D2.0 draft is available at:
The ballot and comment executable is available at: 
The ballot and comment executable is designed for systems capable of running
Windows based programs.  Please read the ballot instructions carefully.  You
will be required to uncompress this file.  Push down into the uncompressed
directory until you find the 10GigBallotSolution.EXE file and double-click
on it.  That will open up a Filemaker database program.  Enter your personal
information on the first page.  If you have no comments, you can click
"FINISH"; otherwise, click "Enter Comment".  Type in the comment
information, then click "Enter Another Comment" to continue entering
comments, "Back to instruction Pg" to go back, or "FINISH" to go to the exit
page.  Once you've clicked on "FINISH", you'll be taken to the exit page.
At the exit page, if you click on "Generate Comment File", a
"10Gbe-d20Comments.csv" file will be created that you should email to me (at
the address below).  If you click on "PRINT COMMENTS", you will be able to
print all the comments in the database.  If you click "EXIT", you will exit
the program, but all the information that you entered will be retained.
This is a database program, once you enter the information it is permanently
held within the database.

Those with systems unable to open and use the ballot and comment executable,
an ASCII version of the ballot and comment form is also available at:
Please submit ballots and comments electronically to the editor, Brad Booth
at: bradley.booth@xxxxxxxxxx