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Re: Standard Test Waveforms


Portions of the existing 802.3 Standard that are intended to be used in 
machine readable form as opposed to human readable are already handled by 
posting on the 802.3 website.

To date this includes:
         802.3ad SNMP MIB
         802.3ab Waveform
         802.3ab MathCad code
I don't see any new issues here.


At 12:03 PM 12/6/00 -0800, Larry Rennie wrote:
>On other standard efforts I have worked on (specifically, fed-std-1045)
>a CD containing typical waveforms for use by all developers was made
>available by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  For
>IEEE 802.3ae, these waveforms would correspond to, for example, a bit
>pattern representing a typical WIS frame output.  Is this something that
>the IEEE would consider doing? The CD provided by NIST was a great help
>in debugging design implementations and in ensuring interoperability
>between designs from different manufacturers.
>Larry R.