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Re: Comment on D2.0 Clause 51, Table 51-6 - magnitude of TD

In a message dated 12/8/00 3:46:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
dartnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> This message for Justin Chang.
>  Justin,
>  I see you have added a note in draft 2.0 pointing out that the value of TD 
>  the variation of PMA_TXCLK_SRC to PMA_TXCLK delay - is possibly too large 
>  30ns. As we discussed at the Tampa meeting, I would still like to 
>  reason why TD was originally proposed to be as large as 30ns. TXCLK_SRC is
>  used to clock the 16 bit parallel data out of the PCS, together with the
>  TXCLK. It should be possible for this delay variation to be very small - a
>  few ns at the most. I still  believe that most Serdes vendors will have
>  trouble meeting a value as large as 30ns. I am intending to propose a much
>  smaller value in my ballot comment, but would appreciate some initial
>  discussion too confirm the rationale. Would a conference call be valuable? 
>  Peter

Hello Peter,

I am quite in agreement that we can reduce this number. The question is what
to reduce it to. I have inputs from our engr team on this ... see my earlier
msg onto the reflector but I am open for more specifics. I will set up a 
call to those interested. 

For any and all interested in having a conference call
on this. Let me know your availability. I would like to set this call to be
Tuesday, Dec 12 sometime ... tentatively 11AM PST time, 2PM EST for one

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