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2.5 GBS vs 10 GBS on same fiber

Hi Bob

At the standards meeting ieee802.3 met and I volunteered to ask
you, our expert in the optical field the following question.

Please give it a whirl.



Durring the final session IEEE session on Friday there was a duscussion on
Single mode Fibre for 2.5 GBS and 10 GBS usage.   Jonathan Thatcher Was trying to get 
some concurrence in the discussion but many red flags were being
Thrown up with people looking at the fibre as being a non-linear medium.

I refuted them and explained that the edge rate was the only differentiator.  
Also that the amplitude and phase for a 1 GBS or 10 GBS would be the same
Because the edge rate was what could make a difference.  However, I also 
volunteered to get Bob Dalhgren our Consultant to fill in further details.

Ron Miller, Signal Integrity Engineer,
Brocade Communicaitons
408-487-8017, page 888-354-0690