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FW: Clause 51: I/O types for Sync_Err and LOS


Regarding the LOS signalling type. You might want to get input from some of
the optics implementors on this. I would expect they would hate to have
rail-to-rail single-ended switching close to their sensitive TIA.



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Subject: Clause 51: I/O types for Sync_Err and LOS


In draft 2.0, there is now an optional signal for Sync_Err. In the inclusion

this for the XSBI, there was not an agreed upon I/O type for this signal.
I have put it as a signal ended line. I would propose either LVTTL or CMOS

Regarding the LOS ... same issue. There was no logic type indicated at
all from the on set. In this case however, the intent was to pass thru any
PMD LOS signal as is ... no qualification by the PMA. I can see leaving this
spec as is ... no I/O description ... as we are enabling the PMD to define
this. On the other hand I think it would be wise to have consistent I/O for
these two link status indicators. Again either LVTTL or CMOS is recommended.


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