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FW: Clause 51: Loopback mode (I/O and serial state)


1) I suggest any type of rail-to-rail logic as the input type for loopback
control. We don't have to have a required threshold (CMOS or LVTTL) for
2) It makes sense to shut down the laser when you're not using it. For the
receiver it doesn't matter.


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Subject: Clause 51: Loopback mode (I/O and serial state)


OK one more XSBI memo (for today) ... as stated in the clause, there
is an optional loopback mode. The type of loopback is open to the user
(serial or parallel). I pose the questions of 

1) Should we spec the I/O type for the control input 
2) State of output serial stream in loopback mode ... brief discussion was
    that the serial output should be static (either 1's or 0's)

I would put forth that the input be consistent w/ the LOS and Sync_Err type
and that the serial output should be a logic "0" (no light on PMD).


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