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Re: Comment on D2.0 Clause 51, Table 51-6 - magnitude of TD

In a message dated 12/11/00 8:43:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
dartnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Thanks for the reply. I am certainly OK for a conference call Tuesday 12
Dec. 7p.m. UK time, but I am not seen any other people interested. We need
to get information on TD from people designing XSBI interface into PCS
functions and on the tolerance level from Serdes vendors. I did not see
your earlier comment on the reflector - cannot find it in the archive - are
you sure it got on the general reflector.

Peter Dartnell

Looks like the conf call is not happening ...
I did send the msg onto the reflector on 12/5 but I can certainly send it
Will do again after this email. I will contact you about this offline.

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