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RE: Another Clause 49 comment


The XGMII control code for reserved4 should have been changed to 0xfc. Rich
chose 0xdc (8b/10b K28.6) for the Fibre Channel Sequence ordered set so it
no longer needed reserved4 and that left 0xfc/K28.7 as the only code that
had an assigned 8b/10b coding without an assigned 64b66b coding so that code
got reserved4.

Please submit an actual ballot comment on this.


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Subject: Another Clause 49 comment

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the quick response to my previous questions. Now for another

I just noticed a slight inconsitency in Table 49-1. The second reseved
code for Fibre Channel is assigned an XGMII Control COde of 0xdc. This
is also used for reserved4. Since reserved4 used to be this in D1.1, I'm
wondering what the Fibre Channel reserved Control Code should be.


Dave Gross