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Re: Another Clause 49 comment


Don Alderrou and Rich Taborek of nSerial are already submitting comments
about this. One of the reasons for the comment is the consolidation of
Fibre Channel ordered-sets for 10GFC based on the Link Status and
Reporting and Initialization proposal accepted as a baseline proposal
for 10GE in Tampa (taborek_2_1100.pdf). The specific proposed changes to
Table 49-1 outlined in the comment will be as follows:

1) Line 13, Pulse Ordered Set to be renamed to Sequence Ordered-Set. No
changes to any of the specified values. Fibre Channel will utilize
several specific data values of this ordered-set to be added to the
table in a note.

2) Line 17, This row, which includes the XGMII control code 0xdc is
deleted from the table. Previously this row corresponded to the 10GFC
Sequence ordered-set.

3) Line 26, The 8B/10B code associated with the reserved4 code is
changed to K28.6. The K28.7 code is a good one to stay away from since
it may result in false comma boundaries if used indiscriminately.

Best Regards,

David Gross wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> Thanks for the quick response to my previous questions. Now for another
> one!
> I just noticed a slight inconsitency in Table 49-1. The second reseved
> code for Fibre Channel is assigned an XGMII Control COde of 0xdc. This
> is also used for reserved4. Since reserved4 used to be this in D1.1, I'm
> wondering what the Fibre Channel reserved Control Code should be.
> Thanks.
> Dave Gross
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