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RE: Clause 49 WIS Status Register doubts

Title: Clause 49 WIS Status Register doubts



In answer to your questions:


  1. The WIS Link Status bit (2.1.12 in Table 45-12) is described in Section of the WIS clause, and relates to the WIS_SIGNAL.indicate service primitive described in Section 50.2.4. As the editorial note in clause 45 indicates, a reference to Section will eventually be inserted on page 181.
  2. The declaration of Local Fault by the WIS is covered by Section; this section describes the various events that trigger a reporting of local fault to the PCS as well as to layer management.


Hope this answers your questions.




Tom Alexander

PMC-Sierra, Inc.



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Subject: Clause 49 WIS Status Register doubts


Has there been any further deliberation on what
"WIS Link Status" represents? (Table 45-12 on
pg. 181; bit 2.1.12)

Also, what does the Fault bit(WIS detected LF;
bit 2.1.10) constitute? I.e, what all leads to
declaring a LF?