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RE: D2.0 ASCII ballot and comment form


It is preferred that that the subclause include the clause number.  So
option #2 would be the correct option.


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		There is something not obvious to me. Is the subclause field
suppose to
		include the clause number or not? For example, is a comment
on 4.2.8:

		 Clause: 4   
		 Subclause: 2.8


		 Clause: 4
		 Subclause: 4.2.8


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		Subject: D2.0 ASCII ballot and comment form


		Shimon Muller found an omission (page and line numbers) in
the ASCII version
		of the ballot/comment form for D2.0.  I've enclosed an
updated version.  For
		those that have submitted ASCII comments to-date, you do not
need to
		re-submit the comments.

		Thank you,