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RE: D2.0 ASCII ballot and comment form


If you are using the Filemaker Tool then you do not need to put the clause 
number in the sub-clause field. The tool will do that automatically when 
the output is generated

If you are using the ASCII form you need to include the clause as part of 
the sub-clause so that the result is a full sub-clause number

What will show up in the final comment database is the complete subclause 
number including clause.

I hope this helps.


At 02:27 PM 12/18/00 -0800, Booth, Bradley wrote:

>It is preferred that that the subclause include the clause number.  So
>option #2 would be the correct option.
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>                 Sent:   Monday, December 18, 2000 4:01 PM
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>                 Subject:        RE: D2.0 ASCII ballot and comment form
>                 Brad,
>                 There is something not obvious to me. Is the subclause field
>suppose to
>                 include the clause number or not? For example, is a comment
>on 4.2.8:
>                 Clause: 4
>                 Subclause: 2.8
>                 or
>                 Clause: 4
>                 Subclause: 4.2.8
>                 Pat
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>                 Sent: Friday, December 15, 2000 3:09 PM
>                 To: HSSG (E-mail)
>                 Subject: D2.0 ASCII ballot and comment form
>                 All,
>                 Shimon Muller found an omission (page and line numbers) in
>the ASCII version
>                 of the ballot/comment form for D2.0.  I've enclosed an
>updated version.  For
>                 those that have submitted ASCII comments to-date, you do not
>need to
>                 re-submit the comments.
>                 Thank you,
>                 Brad
>                 <<10GigBallot.txt>>