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Sad News Again

I hate to sour the holiday spirit with this note, but I feel that it is
my duty to relay this sad news to those who may have known Scott
Schaeffer of MLTC, and formerly Tyco/AMP. I'll relay the original notes
and information related to a memorial service and a trust fund being set
up in Scott's honor assembled by Kirk Bovill of Blaze Network Products.

I last saw Scott at the September IEEE 802.3 meeting in New Orleans. I
had great times with Scott and truly value his friendship, honesty and
contributions to the industry. I can't believe he's gone. 

>Kirk Bovill wrote:
I just wanted to pass on some news to the group that I felt all would
want to know. Scott Schaeffer, the originator of much of the XGP and SFP
efforts, passed away on December 7, 2000. Scott was diagnosed with
cancer a few months ago and
it was at a stage where there was nothing that really could be done. He
was brilliant. He was our friend and  he will be missed. He is survived
by his wife and two girls.

Scott's family has set up a trust fund and the information is as

Memorial donations may be made to the Scott Schaeffer Memorial Fund, c/o
Fulton Bank, 2900 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg PA  17110.  This fund has
been set up to assist in his two girls' education.

There is a memorial service scheduled for January 13th in the Harrisburg
area. Scott being true to form as a practical engineer, requested that
it be
coordinated around the travel schedule of some of his friends. Feel free
pass this message out to people that would have known Scott. I'm not
sure if
this reflector hits all of the SFP guys, but it would be great for them
get this information.

My wife and I will be going back for the memorial. And I will represent
XGP and SFP in spirit.

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