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Re: delay constraints from XGMII to XAUI

> You need three pieces of information to determine buffer size requirements:
> (1) delay from the RS to the MDI, (2) MDI to MDI delay (media delay), and (3)
> the time from the arrival of a PAUSE frame at the MDI to the last packet
> output at the MDI.  While the media delay can be the dominant factor, it does
> not necessarily have to be.
> Please refer to Annex 31B, 31B.3.7 (draft 2.0):


This is exactly how this issue has been addressed in the past, and this is
how we should handle it this time. I would suggest to everybody who is
concerned about "MAC delay constraints" that they review clause 31 and its
associated annexes.

The end result is that the XGMII clause does not need to specify any delay
constraints. The right place to do that is Annex 31B, and I already took
care of it.

I have submitted a technical comment on this against clause 46.