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RE: Local Fault/Remote Fault

Some comments/questions:

> 1.  Any device, in either its transmit or receive paths, could
>     detect a fault condition.  The fault may be that the data
>     being received is invalid or that some internal problem
>     is causing the problem.  Some/many faults may go
>     undetected.  If a device detects a fault condition (i.e.,
>     a locally detected fault) it should set its link status
>     to zero and not forward what is received, but should,
>     at its output, either:
>   a.  generate a local fault pulse ordered set if it is
>       capable of doing so,

If, for instance, in the system: RS -  DTE XGXS - (XAUI) - PHY XGXS - PCS -
PMA - PMD a local fault is detected by the local  PCS by recognizing that
the XAUI lanes (In the Transmit path)  are not de skewed. Then the intention
is that a LF indication will be signaled to the local RS via the RX path?
(That is, the PCS will have a connection from the Transmit path to the
receive path?)