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RE: WIS -- B1 processing

I guess the question would be how to access these counters. Can they be
accessed via
MDIO interface or require out of band (say a dedicated CPU)path. To make
it useful, I would make them accessible via MDIO. If CPU interface is
required anyway,
the MDIO interface looses much of its utility. Right now I do not see any
such mapping
in 45 (unless they are put in vendor specific area).

Also, a related suggestion on 45 is to put the list of registers together in
a section
for easy reference. I will submit a comment for that.


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> Subject: RE: WIS -- B1 processing
> Steve,
> The B1 (section parity) check results are not ignored; they are
> provided to Layer Management in the form of the SectionES and
> SectionSES counters in the MIB ( and
> However, as the check results are not pertinent to the control
> and operation of the WIS sublayer itself, they do not appear as
> part of the required MDIO register set. I believe this is in
> keeping with customary practice; for example, the 1000 Mb/s MIB
> has a counter for false carrier events detected by the PHY, but
> there is no MDIO register dedicated to this purpose.
> Best regards,
> - Tom Alexander
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> Subject: WIS -- B1 processing
> Reference figure 50-3.
> The WIS generates and checks the B1 (BIP-8) value.  I can find no where
> that the results of the check are used.  What should be done with any
> error count that results?  There are no MDIO registers defined to take
> this value.  Section defines a counter that appears to hold
> this info.
> Per T1.231 Section; "... Performance monitoring using the BIP-8
> for SONET Sections is application specific."
> Seems stupid to generate and check it, but ignore any errors that
> result.
> Am I missing something?
> Steve Finch