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Re: Question about Link Fault Signalling

Hi Rich,

I have a quick question about Remote Fault I was hoping you could
answer. In 46.2.6, it says:"Reception of multiple local fault messages
causes the Reconcilliation Sublayer to inhibit the transmission of
frames by MAC, and to encode remote fault status messages on TXC<3:0>
and TXD<31:0>" It goes on to specify that reception of three LF messages
sets link_fail to 1, and none n 6 clock periods clears link_fail.

My question is this: I believe we said that upon recieving RF, the RS
will output an IDLE stream until it no longer recieves RF. If this is
so, how many RF messages set this condition to be true, and in how many
clocks do we say that this condition is cleared if no RFs are detected.
Is it similar to LF, or do we only require that one RF be detected (and
then for how long before we reset this IDLE output condition of the RS

Thanks in advance.

-Dave Gross