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RE: PCS Management Counters

Title: RE: PCS Management Counters

Thanks for your reply.

Where will these counters be used?
I mean do these counters give some kind of
count which tells the number of packets that
will be thrown away by the MAC because of
"ERROR" column?

If the counter gives the number of ERROR columns
inserted by PHY how can somebody use
it for statistics?


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Since, according to the state machine conventions and figure 49-14,
the state is actually re-entered on every clock edge, the counter
would be incremented twice (in your case) or once for every clock
cycle spent in that state (in general).


> Vivek Mishra wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a small clarification.....
> The counter "ERRORED FRAME COUNTER" in PCS management counters is
> said to be incrementing when the "RX_E" state is entered.
> Lets say that the state machine is in "RX_E" state for two clocks.
> Will the counter increment by two or will it increment
> by one since the state was entered only once?
> Regards,
> Vivek

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