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regarding proposal 850nm Serial PMD update, jewell_2_0900

To all, 

There is an concept for a low cost transceiver with the following
o  10Gbps serial Ethernet transceiver, not optical WWDM 
o  4 x 3.125 electrical interface (XAUI) 
o  simple 4:1 MUX of these 4 lanes in transmit direction and 
    simpled CDR to 1:4 Demux to 4 el. lanes in receive direction
o  12.5 Gbps optical (one wavelength, one fibre) in each direction

This concept comes from PicoLight 09/00
850 nm Serial PMD Update <jewell_2_0900.pdf> page 6

I can't associate a 10GBASE-nn standard in the actual state of the 
IEEE 802.3ae draft to this concept. The only common interface 
is the XAUI and the specified BitRate is not a result of a 4:1 MUX.

I am not sure, but does it has any influence to bandwith, if a part of the 
PCS functions is not implemented ?

The good is,
1st)  it seems to be a low cost version, very interesting for mass market
2nd)  if You use two of such transceiver, you will have a 
        compatible transceiver system in a 10G Ethernet environment (point
to point). 
        That comes close to the idea and actual concepts of Fibre Channel. 

The bad is, 
1st)  i see no standard on optical interface, isn't it ?
2nd) does a MSA exist ?

Is there anyone whos is discussing such concepts ? 
Is there any agreement about a comparable solution ? 


Jens Schneider
tyco Electronics GmbH
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