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RE: Jan01 meeting results

All comments were resolved. As usual, a number of individuals worked some
pretty fantastic hours to get the work completed on time.

The plan is to publish the database (PDF form) by the end of the week. The
minutes will probably take a little longer.


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Subject: Jan01 meeting results

I missed the meeting due to scheduling conflicts. (I had scheduled my
vacation to miss the original dates, then we moved the meeting to the
week of my vacation!).

Anyway, I'm very interested in the results of the review of the
comments.  I heard that comment resolutions were recorded on-the-fly in
a database by a "recorder" (thank you to those who took on that task).
I'd love to be able to review the results, as I heard there may be
"unexpected" changes due to others comments.

Also any minutes that may be published would be helpful.

Curiousity, did all the comments get reviewed and/or resolved in the
three days?  If not, what are the plans to finish the job?

I'm sure there is a plan on how to do all this, so dates of availability
may have to do until the work is done.


Steve Finch
Texas Instruments