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RE: Clock Tolerance and WAN PHY


Just because the objective was vague doe not mean it was without 
meaning.  By your reasoning, I could just as easily state that RL/LF 
functionality is out of scope, as it was not included in the 
objectives.  Just as the objective for a LAN PHY carried with it the 
inferred lack of need for management overhead, the objective for the WAN 
PHY carried with it the inferred need for management overhead.  Please 
refer back to the all of the traffic on the reflector and to the 
presentations concerning the management overhead requirements for a WAN PHY.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 09:53 PM 1/26/01 -0800, Booth, Bradley wrote:

>To quote the objectives:
>"Define two families of PHYs
>- A LAN PHY, operating at a data rate of 10.000 Gb/s
>- A WAN PHY, operating at a data rate compatible with the payload rate of
>OC-192c/SDH VC-4-64c"
>That's all the objective says.  By that objective, we could create a "WAN
>PHY" that that is just the 10GBASE-R PHY pushing data onto the fiber at
>9.58464 Gb/s, without any SONET overhead.  The objective was meant to be
>vague so that the task force had some flexibility.
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>Subject: Re: Clock Tolerance and WAN PHY
>You have a very good a presenting that would seem reasonable to those who
>don't have any experience in attempting to implement what you are
>proposing.  The objectives of P802ae include a WAN PHY.  What constitutes a
>WAN PHY has been explained to the group by those of us that have worked in
>a WAN optical environment.  You keep miss representing the requirements of
>a WAN PHY by presenting a LAN implementation as a WAN.  It works very well
>at confusing those that are attempting to gain an understanding of what the
>issues are.
>Those of us that have worked in the WAN optical environment are not
>confused by your comments.  Those of us that have worked in the WAN optical
>environment would like to have the opportunity to educate those that would
>actually like to gain a understanding of what the real world requirements
>Thank you,
>Roy Bynum