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Re: Clause 51 - tx_data_group Bit Order

Hello Pat and Rick,

This was caught in the last TC comments. It has been corrected in version 2.1


In a message dated 1/31/01 5:53:11 PM Pacific Standard Time,
pat_thaler@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Bit 0 should be transmitted first and bit 15 last. 51.2.2 needs to change.
If the problem is still their in D2.1, please submit a ballot comment. Pat

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From: Rabinovich, Rick [mailto:rick.rabinovich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 4:36 PM
To: 'stds-802-3-hssg@xxxxxxxx'
Subject: Clause 51 - tx_data_group Bit Order

Version D2.0

Clause 51.2.2 reads:
line 36
"... with tx_data-group<15> transmitted first, and tx_data-group<0>
transmitted last."

Clause 51.3.1 reads:
line 42
"... The order of transmission is tx_bit<0> first, followed bit<1> through

Are these two, contradictory statements?

Please comment.

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