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RE: Short MMF cable lengths?


If this is going to be brought up in P802.3ae, it would be good if it were
brought up once. Who is going to take the lead?

I would highly recommend moving this discussion to the Serial PMD reflector.


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Subject: RE: Short MMF cable lengths?


As promised, below is the URL to the presentation.

It is about 1.2 MBytes. Have a good weekend everyone.


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> Subject: Short MMF cable lengths?
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> A "heads up" for the members of the group:
> A topic that looks like it will be coming up soon in 
> standards meetings (FC
> and 10GE, I believe) is that of reducing the minimum cable 
> length required
> from 2m to 0.5m. I believe the current focus is on 50um, but 
> I imagine 62.5
> will be brought up eventually as well.
> Any input from fiber manufacturers for or against this? From laser
> manufacturers?
> Does anyone have recollections of the original reasons for a 2m limit?
> Just throwing this out here for discussion,
>   Eric Borisch
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