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Re: why two different coding schemes ?


The 8B10B code is the old Fibre Channel coding scheme that was adopted by 
802.3 for GbE.  Even though a new coding scheme was developed specifically 
for 10GbE, there was enough support for the old coding scheme within the 
Task Force that a special PHY was approved so that development of higher 
speed components would continue.  As for a good future market reason for 
keeping 8B10B, only time will tell.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 12:53 PM 2/8/01 -0800, Jagmit Sandhu wrote:

>Hi, I'm new to 10 Gb/s ethernet. Could somebody explain why two
>coding schemes are being contemplated for 10GE ? i.e. 8B/10B and 64B/66B
>Why not stick with just one to simplify life for everybody ?
>Also, are there any vendors with tentative 10GE products coming out soon
>jagmit sandhu