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Re: Clarification on added B2/B3 bytes in WIS

Apologies in advance for still not understanding how to
calculate B2 for the STS192c in the WIS (I have no background
in telecommunications and am having to learn fast for this

The way I understand it, B2 for an STS1 is calculated over the
line overhead (columns 1-3, rows 4-9) and the STS1 payload
(columns 4-90, rows 1-9).

My confusion arises over what this means for a concatenated
STS192. Concatenated seems to imply that the STS1 payloads
are placed back to back in the Synchronous Payload Envelope
of Figure 50-4 in section 50.3.1 If this is so, then I guess
STS1 number 1 incorporates columns 1-87, rows 1-9, and STS1
number 2 incorporates columns 88-174 and so forth.

Does this mean then that the B2 of column 2 row 5
(STS1 number 2) is calculated from columns 2, 194 and 386,
rows 4-9 of Figure 50-7, section 50.3.2 and columns 88-174,
rows 1-9 of Figure 50-4?

On the other hand this seems really awkward from a logic
standpoint. Since the section and line overhead for the
concatenated STS192 are still interleaved, is the B2
calculation on the payload also still interleaved?
This would mean that B2 of column 2 row 5 is calculated
from columns 2, 194 and 386 rows 4-9 of Figure 50-7 and
columns 2, 89, 176, etc rows 1-9 of Figure 50-4.

Thanks for the help,

Frank Moore
Mitsubishi Electronics
Durham, NC