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RE: Clause 49 /A/ /K/ /R/ on XGMII question

If so, why does the XGXS have to distinguish between /A/'s in a lane when
one of the /A/ in the other lanes is erroneous to /A/ in a lane when all /A/
are fine?

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> Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 7:46 PM
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> Subject: RE: Clause 49 /A/ /K/ /R/ on XGMII question
> Steve,
> The RS doesn't do anything with /E/s that occur during idle. 
> Actually, the
> RS doesn't have any error counting facility. Therefore, it 
> doesn't matter
> whether it treats an /A/ /K/ /R/ during idle as an /E/ or an /I/.