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RE: RS minimum IPG

It occurs to me that one source of confusion may be on how to count the IPG.
The IPG includes the /T/. A minimum IPG of 5 characters is a /T/ plus 4
Currently, clause 49 states that the minimum is 5 /I/s but I have submitted
a comment to change that to 4.

10GBASE-R requires that minimum IPG for encoding. With an IPG of 5, a start
and terminate never fall within the same block. 

10GBASE-X requires that minimum for disparity checking. The check_end
function returns an error if the column after the ||T|| is neither ||A|| nor


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Where do you find such a definition in the standard? I don't know of
anyplace a minimum receive IPG of 5 is stated. Further, that is a parameter
that has varied based on speed so what it was at 100/1000 Mb/s does not
limit our choice at 10 Gig. 


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Subject: Re: RS minimum IPG

The min IPG varies from 9 bytes to 15 bytes
based on the packet size and due to clock compensation
the PHY may delete a column that will lead to min
IPG of 5 Bytes. So, thoeritically it should not be
less than 5 bytes but the spec. always defines it
to be 4 bytes as this was in the 100/1000 mbps