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RE: Question on XSBI


You are correct. Clause 51 does not specify an alignment, nor was it
intended to do so. Alignment has to be handled by the PCS/WIS layers.
Further more alignment doesn't really make sense in the LAN case (66 bits on
a 16-bit interface).

As I have understood the discussions, the WAN WDM PMA has to look for A1s
and A2s and perform deskew and alignment. Lately I have only followed the
serial clauses in detail, so I don't know if this is implemented in the

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Subject: Question on XSBI 

I have been reading through clause 53 and it triggered a question on XSBI.

Are the 16 data bits of the XSBI interface in any way aligned with the byte 
boundaries of the SONET frame ? I don't believe that any alignment is 
specified in the OIF SFI-4 spec.  If this is the case does it mean that the 
LW4-PMA has the ability to locate the SONET A1/A2 frame boundary on any one 
of 16 possible bit alignments within the XSBI interface ?

Gary .....